Chrisman Collection

Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.


Call No: P508-F2f4

Description: Lonesome Trailer Movie

Date of origin: 1935

Type: Print

Size: 8

Condition: Excellent


[front] LT- 17- #20
[back] I [I is circled] ; Chris (El Brendel) in Lonesome Trailer LT17
[note] El Brendel, popular comedian of the time, washed the dishes in a baby bassinet as he stars in “The Lonesome Trailer,” about [about is crossed out] 1935, filmed by Warner Brothers in Hollywood. His companion, “Tige,” apparently dislikes the process and is moving the bassinett from the trailer. The “fold away bed,” designed by Hancock is shown in the background.


Miscellaneous Info.:

Photo is of a man washing dishes in a bassinett. There is a huge dog resting his head on side of bassinett. There is a bed behind them. There are broken plates and a jar on the floor. There are cabinets on the side.

Other Info.: Photo has tape and tape tear marks on the back top. Photo has a brown strip of paper with typing on it. This brown paper is taped onto back of photo.

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Subject: Actors, dog, El Brendel, Hancock trailer, Lonesome trailer movie, movie, Tige, Warner Brothers,