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Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.


Call No: P64-H1b

Description: Red River, Texas marker

Date of origin:

Type: Print

Size: 4 1/16 x 5

Condition: Very Good


[back] Marker at site of Doan’s Store at “Red River Crossing.” The names and brands of many old friends of the Olives are etched into the granite stone of this marker. Harry E. Chrisman Lane D, Apt. 74, Bluebonnet Courts Liberal, Kansas Note (brand symbol) “chain C” of 1876. [back note] Marker at Doan’s Crossing of Red River, Texas. At the ford and cattle crossing of Red River, at Doan’s Crossing, this stone marker is erected in memory of the trail drivers of Texas. The Olive Brothers crossed here with many herds from Texas and many of the names of their neighbors of the trail are shown engraved on the stone. – Photo by author (underlined). [marker in photo – brand symbols accompany names] C.F. Doan HVS; D.R. Fant; A.S. Ross; Millet; John Camp; C.T. Word; J.C. Sumner; EPH Harrold; T.D. Bugbee; J.K. Payne; W.B. Worsham; Richard King; Doc Burnett; M.A. Withers; T.M. Hobsen; Newman Bros.; John R. Blocker; Hindes & Oden; Shanghai Pierce; C.T. Herring; R.L. Castlebury; S.B. Burnett; St. Andrew Myers; C.W. Word; R.B. Masterson; Geo. Littlefield; Mrs. Amanda Burks; J.G. Ayers; J.R. Ross; Millett & Irvin; Ellison & Deweese; J. Doan; Lot Adams; J.H. Watts; Jim Reed; Mrs. Rabb; W.S. Ikard; J.R. Sumner; Bill Butler; B.L. Crouch; W.H. Meyers; John T. Lytle; Meyer Halff; Ike T. Pryob; Jim Ellison; W.H. Wheeler; Charley Neal; J.P. Hamilton; Thomas O’Connor; C.C. Slaughter; Eddleman Bros.; Lee & Reynolds; Lee Kokernot; Bud Matthews; Lytle & Schreiner; Mitchell & Presnall; Nutter & Neville; D. Waggoner & son; Adair & Goodnigh; Gudden, Warren & Sanborn; S.B. Scoville 7LX

Provenance: private collection – Chrisman Collection

Miscellaneous Info.:

Stone marker at Red River, Texas lists names of trail drivers and their brands.

Other Info.: Photo has tape and tape tear marks on left back.

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Subject: Doan’s Crossing, Doan’s store, engraved names, livestock brands, Olive family, Red River Texas, stone marker, Texas,