Chrisman Collection

Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.


Call No: P211-D2b

Description: Seeding watermelons

Date of origin:

Type: Print

Size: 5 x 7 1/16

Condition: Very Good


[front] Taken about the of 1896 or 1897; F.M. Steele. Artist. Liberal, Kansas. One watermelon is circled with an arrow pointing to it. It has 60 lbs written on it. [back] SUN MAG; 79; 79 (circled); Harry E. Chrisman Lane D, Apt. 74 Bluebonnet Courts Liberal, Kansas; 3 vol-32 Picas; Cash Crop. [note] Seeding Watermelsons — Circa 1896-97 Photo by F.M. Steele, Liberal, KS. Man on knees at left: Shannon Bowman. Norton Hockett, owner of melons. Andrew ” (ditto marks) son of owner. Buggy with 3 girls: Ethel Hockett, Bell Bowman and Bell Hanner, Tom Smith’s future wife. Ethel was Will Bowaman’s (a crossed out) future wife. Mr. Dillon Gideon Hockett Sitting or kneeling: Will Bowman Standing by barrell: John R. Cook lumber wagon and horses: Johnny Wright and Asa Hockett. carrying melon: Fred Bowman and John Crothers. seeding melons: Ancel Hampelton and Elvin Carr. On Norton Hockett Farm, Front melon market 60 lbs. (arrow points to 65 lb melon)


Miscellaneous Info.:

Photo is of people standing, sitting, and kneeling beside watermelons. They are scooping the center out of the rinds. Possible seed harvest. There is one buggy with 3 people in it and one wagon with barrels on it. There is a watermelon that is circled in white with an arrow pointing to it.
Photo has tape on the top back.

Other Info.:

Related to: N206-F1a (Georgia Fix),

Subject: Ancel Hampelton, Andrew Hockett, Asa Hockett, Bell Bowman, Bell Hanner, Ethel Hockett, F.M. Steele, Fred Bowman, Gideon Hockett, John Crothers, John R. Cook, Johnny Wright, Norton Hockett, Norton Hockett farm, Shannon Bowman, Watermelon seed harvest, Will Bowman,