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Call No: P266-B2a

Description: Jerk-line mules and wagons

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Type: Print

Size: 8 1/8 x 10



[back] “Eight mules were hitched to three wagons and were driven with a jerk-line. The driver rode the nigh (near or left) wheel mule. A single line extended to the nigh lead mule; the off (right) lead mule was controlled with a jockey stick. The four -[?]pans were connected with a chain. The wagons were connected with stub tongues and chain. In crossing any sandy creeks, rivers or through the sand hills north of Jim Lane’s (Beaver City, Okla.) we’d always drop our trail wagon, then [then crossed out] pull through with the lead wagon, then bring up the trail wagons, one at a time.”
Boss Neff, telling of his freighting experiences from Beaver City to Dodge City when working for Manny Leopard, in charge of Lie and Reynolds’ freight wagons.


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Photo is of three wagons attached together. There are 8 mules attached to the wagon with a man riding the left rear mule.

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Subject: Beaver City Oklahoma, Dodge City Kansas, Driver, Freight, Freighting, Jerk line wagon, Kansas, Mules, Oklahoma, Wagons,