Chrisman Collection

Harry E. Chrisman, former Liberal author and historian, donated a large collection of his writings, photographs, and other items to Liberal Memorial Library for the purpose of research. This database searches the contents of the Chrisman Collection.


Call No: P236-C2a

Description: Fire of December 7, 1885. Chart of fires in 1885 & Fire of November 29, 1885

Date of origin: July 1959

Type: Print

Size: 3 9/16 x 5 1/4



[front] 141; Walnut Street; Bridge Street; Chestnut Street, First Avenue; Fire of November 29, 1885. [in blocks is the following businesses] City of Paris Millinery shop (Fire Stopped); W. H. Harris Residence; Private rooms; A. N. Ramseger; Bee Hive Dry Goods store Cowboy printing office; All residences saved; J. A. Arment Paint; H. P. Niess Shoe Shop; Sporting House(fire started); Sporting House; Mrs. Nixon’s Lodging House; Dutch Jake’s Residence; Rear entrance to hall; M. S. Culver (Where fire stopped); Stable; vacant lot; Globe Office Odd Fellows Hall (Upstairs) [second map] Chestnut Street, Bridge Street, Front Street, First Avenue, Fire of December 7, 1885. R. M. Wright and Company General Store; Webster and Bond, Drugs; Harris and Drake Saloon and Billiards; Atkinson and Warren Saloon and Billiards; George Hinkle Saloon; Yard; A. Gluck; Tin Shop; Warehouse; C. Zimmerman; Yard; Warehouse; F. R. Garland, F. J. Durand; Chas. Heinz Restaurant; York, Parker, and Draper Mercantile Company; Kirkpatrick and Dunn Furniture; Store Yard; Junction Saloon (Fire Started); C. & E. Land Agency; H. R. Dougherty; J & W Law Office; Opera House; Restaurant, Carey and Wright.
[back] HARRY E. CHRISMAN LANE D, APT. 74 BLUEBONNET COURTS LIBERAL, KANSAS [stamp] KODAK VELOX PAPER [stamped several times on back of photo]


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Picture is of 2 charts. There is a clip at the top left corner of the chart.

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Subject: 1885, Fires, Liberal, Liberal property plots, Properties destroyed by fires or saved,